Multi-Effective 24hours Face Cream (dry to dehydrated skin) + FREE Eye Cream
This luxurious duo is specially formulated for dry to dehydrated skin, ensuring round-the-clock hydration and rejuvenation:
1. Multi-Effective 24-Hours Face Cream (50 ml / 1.69 fl oz): A rich, nourishing cream that delivers continuous hydration, smooths out wrinkles, and tightens the skin. Infused with a blend of Argan oil, Olive oil, and Hyaluronic acid, it protects against premature aging while enhancing skin luminosity and providing a velvety texture. For dry to dehydrated skin.
2. FREE Eye Cream (15 ml / 0.51 fl oz): Complement your facial care with a dedicated eye cream designed to target the delicate eye area, reducing dark circles and puffiness for a refreshed and youthful appearance.

Together, the Macrovita set works synergistically to hydrate, protect, and illuminate your skin, leaving it with a smooth texture, uniform color, and long-lasting brightness. Embrace the beauty of well-cared-for skin with Macrovita.