Restless minds with a global vision
MACROVITA was founded in 1984 by George and Elisabeth Vassilakaki, who completed their studies in economics and worked for many years as senior managers in industrial companies. Both, restless minds, early on envisioned the coming global shift towards natural living and the development of ecological consciousness among people. This is why they decided to integrate their knowledge, skills, ambition and creativity into a unique business activity.

Thanks to their persistence in continuous creative research and the use of natural ingredients, MACROVITA has managed to constantly remain at the forefront of cosmetology, immediately satisfying all emerging consumer needs with innovative cosmetic products and always effective.
MACROVITA is deeply rooted in Greece...
MACROVITA products have been available in Greece since 1984. They are distributed in the network of more than 2,500 pharmacies and in the best organic food and cosmetics stores. Every day a growing number of points of sale and a multitude of satisfied customers. The average annual growth rate in recent years has reached 30%.

... but imagine a world without borders!
This is why, since 2002, MACROVITA has systematically built a new global image. The company's efforts focus on improving the aesthetics of products and their packaging to meet the needs of the most demanding customers from different cultures and nations. The daily work also consists of adapting the composition of the products to the specific requirements of the laws of most countries.

The results of these efforts are quickly visible. MACROVITA is already present in many markets around the world, including the United States, Australia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Cyprus and many other countries.